The AFCJF is composed of small, medium and large-size American-owned companies­ including importers, distributors, retailers, and U.S. hardwood lumber producers and exporters united in opposition to this petition. Why? Because more U.S. jobs will be lost in the broader U.S. flooring and hardwood export industries than may be temporarily preserved at the petitioners' factories. And because we believe in freedom of choice up and down the supply chain. 

The AFCJF formed in response to the petition filed in October 2010 by the largest U.S. flooring manufacturers with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), asking for U.S. tariffs on engineered multilayered hardwood flooring from China. 

In November 2011, the ITC ruled to affirm the Petition.  Naturally the AFCJF is very disappointed that the ITC failed to recognize fundamental flaws in the Petitioners’ case. However, we knew when we started that the system is designed to make it nearly impossible for the ITC to deny a Petition even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. We see this as a failure of the system rather than any validation of the Petitioners’ claims. 

We feel that the work by the Alliance has benefited the industry this past year. The fact alone that we were able to achieve low duty rates at both the preliminary and final rulings has minimized the disturbance to the industry. This gives all importers breathing room to organize their long term supply.

The AFCJF is now focusing on membership support:  providing our members with the information and resources they need to do business under this order, covering the details of retroactive liability, the review system, future rate changes, circumvention issues and other factors that importers and other affected companies will need to understand to conduct business smoothly under the order. 

The AFCJF will also support any appeals against the ruling.

If you are an importer buying from China now, you need to be a member of the Alliance.  Contact us for more information.